Welcome to Birch Bay Aromatics. Home of AIRS Incense
Welcome to Birch Bay Aromatics. Home of AIRS Incense




Since Prehistoric times, the botanical world has been a living repository of sustenance, healing and transformation -- inviting humankind to explore its mysteries. Primal cultures have evoked the power of burning herbs for centuries. A bundle of smoldering herbs or a sophisticated incense crafted of resin, floral absolutes and rare woods, continues to inspire mystical experiences and magick.

Early Greeks and later medieval European herbalists identified a  or magical qualities by a peculiarity in its shape colour or scent.  This herbalry system, influenced by astrology, was known as the "

Doctrine of Signatures". As an example, according to this Doctrine,  cinnamon was considered  ruled by the Sun because of its reddish-brown colour, warm flavour, it thrives in a tropical place, and can heat the skin to pinkness!

Elemental Enigmas

The Northewestern European and the North American Shamans consider the Four Directions and the Four Elements - AIRS, EARTH, FIRE and WATER - to be linked by a Cosmic Unifying Spirit.

Chinese Taosits and Feng Shui practitioners work with Five Elements: WOOD,EARTH, METAL,FIRE AND  WATER.  These Five Elements are associated with Eight Directyions and Trigrams. The unifying force is called Ch'i. 

In the East and the West, incense and scented oils are an important part of ceremonial practices: blessings, healings, purification, protection and exorcism.

The Elemental Conneciton

All AIRS Fragrances have been identified and gathered into ELEMENTS by our mystical connoisseur , Ms. Amber Faith. Almost the entirety of this website is contributed by Ms. Amber Faith

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