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 Who are these guys in beautiful blue?

They are the emissaries of the Kings: the ones on the left represent the King of Upper Egypt, the ones on the right represent the King of Lower Egypt (notice the different headdresses *). It is a symbolic ceremony: the Sharing of the Perfume, which represents the union of both kingdoms under the King of Kings, Osiris.

Perfume was an essential ingredient in the daily life of Egyptians, they had many complex rituals which still hold our fascination. One such ritual involves welcoming an important guest with a bowl of the finest warm perfume essence. They would heat it in a copper bowl, and - as soon as the guest enters - one servant would present the perfume bowl.

Enjoy our new Egyptian Incense, Perfume Oils and Vapour Mists, These new fragrances are true reproductions of recipes that were found on ancient tomb inscriptions in Egypt.

(*) In Egypt, whenever a new Pharaoh took over, he created for himself a new crown. So we can tell who a lot of the kings are by looking at their headdresses.

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